Excited to launch 🚀 a new universal resource — all about cryptocurrency security — Start here to learn the basics about risks in the crypto landscape, and where to turn to learn more about how to keep your cryptocurrency secure.

vault12.com/learn or securemycrypto.org

What can I expect to find here?

We created this site for our friends and family who are new to cryptocurrency, and who want to learn more about how to secure their crypto funds. We hope that the next 500 million future crypto investors will also use the information presented here to make the right choices to protect their digital assets.

The world of crypto is very…

Platform facilitates the easy and direct transfer of digital assets to a designated recipient upon passing

Vault12, the leading personal digital asset security platform, today announced the launch of its Digital Inheritance offering, the first solution suitable for all kinds of assets to offer a simple, direct and secure way to ensure digital assets can be passed down to and accessed by future generations. …


BitClout is a new social network that uses a seed phrase as your account login and and your cryptocurrency wallet. If you lose the seed phrase, you will lose all your coins and the ability to login to your account ever again.

When you create a BitClout account, your seed phrase is pre-generated for you by BitClout. However, you can replace it with your own custom seed phrase.

You will need to back up your seed phrase straight away. …

An NFT or “niftie” is a token that is associated with a specific physical or digital asset that has a unique form and value. In contrast, cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH or other altcoins are interchangeable with others of the same type (1 BTC = any other BTC).

NFTs can be linked to physical assets, e.g., a diamond, a piece of physical, or a digital asset like an online concert ticket or digital art.

NFTs can be tracked on the Blockchain as they are transferred or sold to other people. In addition, NFTs can be programmed so that when they…


If you trust any institution to protect your seed phrase for you, you are not taking advantage of the greatest feature of cryptocurrency: independence.

If you lose your seed phrase, and you don’t hve a backup, your crypto is gone.

If someone steals your seed phrase and takes your crypto, you will probably never get it back.

If you don’t share access to your seed phrase with anyone at all, your heirs will not be able to access it.

There are solutions and best practices that can help you protect your crypto.

Risks with Cryptocurrency.

To be brutally honest, and this goes…

Something has been bothering Vitalik Buterin for a while, he’s tweeted and talked about it several times in the last couple of years and finally at the start of the new decade of crypto he has blogged about it: How can ordinary crypto investors protect themselves from loss or theft? The answer is Social Recovery.

Of course there are passionate proponents of various solutions from paper in safety deposit boxes, to hardware wallets to multi-sig wallets — but at the end of the day, none of these solutions protect people from loss or theft in a way that makes sense…

The Vault12 team has been busy adding new capabilities over the Summer, the biggest new capability is Digital Inheritance, which we have just launched. However there are also some other things that we put in under the hood.

Vault12 Digital Inheritance is the first solution to offer a simple, direct, and secure way for all types of investors to ensure that all of your digital assets can be accessed by future generations.

  • Traditional approaches to the inheritance of assets, when applied to digital assets, create complexity and risk.
  • Your portfolio of digital assets is continually changing — you cannot rely on doing an inventory once, or for that matter continuously, without assistance.
  • This simple and direct approach reduces the uncertainty around assets not being available to the designated recipient. …

“In the meantime, we had a principally new idea, which we conditionally called the “third idea”. In some form, as part of our wishful thinking, the “third idea” was discussed even earlier, but in 1954 these wishes became a real possibility.”

- Andrei Sakharov, father of the first thermonuclear megaton-range USSR hydrogen bomb (known as Teller–Ulam design in the United States), Nobel Peace Prize laureate 1975.

The magic of a “third version” is well known in the world of technology and has forever held a special place in the stages of product development. Examples like Windows 3.0 …


Personal Crypto Security: Protecting the future of money

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